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Personal Testimony

Updated: Apr 22, 2020

We all have a story to share.

Isn't it amazing how many years we can sit next to a person, yet not really know them?

Be it on a commute to work via the train, bus, or plane, even in a taxi or Uber. Or the person you sit next to on Sunday mornings at church. Or where you get a meal or have your morning coffee or tea.

What is their name?

Where are they from?

Why do they do what it is they do?

What motivates them?

What is their story?

Nowadays, sadly, our faces are not looking into other faces near us but into our electronic devices. This creates such a disconnect for personal human contact.

Each of us is so uniquely made and have lived such different lives that we ALL have a story to share that would touch another person and inspire them in some way. Our troubles and trials have helped to shape and build our character. We are all workmanship - a product, a vessel of worth and value for a specific purpose.

My Personal Testimony

According to my Mom I am a "miracle baby". When I was about nine months old I had an accident that nearly took my life. I was given a 1-2% chance of survival rate by the doctor who attended to my care while in the hospital.

It all started with being up in the mountains with my Grandfather building a porch for a friend. The railing was not built yet. As my Mom put it, I skipped walking and went straight to chasing after my Grandfather's dog. I got tired and sat down on one of the steps to rest, however, I started to fall backward and went to catch myself but my hand slipped off the edge. I rolled down the hill and there was a board with a bolt in it the size of a fifty-cent piece. I hit it with the left side of my head. It shattered my skull and my head swelled to the size of a goose egg.

My Mom grabbed me up and started walking down the road. My Grandfather quickly got to the car and drove to where my Mom was. He was surprised to find how far my Mom had walked down the road. She got into the car and gave me plain Cheerios (still my favorite cereal) to eat to keep me awake. It would be 45 minutes to an hour drive to get to the hospital. As I was eating the Cheerios, I looked at the Cheerios in my hand then up at my Mom and back to the Cheerios. My hand dropped. I became paralyzed on my right side. My Mom tried tickling me (I am very ticklish) and I was unresponsive. She informed my Grandfather what had happened and he increased his speed in driving. We got to the hospital in 30 minutes.

At the hospital my Mom was given the horrific news that if I survived I would be a vegetable for the remainder of my life. (My Mom still jokes with me today asking if I am a carrot because I am so smart.) I had surgery and a plate put in place where my skull was shattered. Of course my Mom turned to God in prayer as well as family and friends. By God's good grace I regained use of the right side of my body and was in ICU for only 21 days. The doctor was amazed at how quickly I recovered. It was also because of the love of my Mom who had the patience and took the time to teach me. (Thank you Mom for always being there for me.)

This is only the beginning chapter of sharing my personal testimony. I hope to share more with you as time goes on.

So, what is your story?

Please share in the comments below. I would love to read your story.

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