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Stepping Out

Updated: Jun 22, 2020

Taking the first step into stepping out of my comfort zone.

“Fear and anxiety many times indicates that we are moving in a positive direction, out of the safe confines of our comfort zone, and in the direction of our true purpose.” Charles F. Glassman, Brain Drain The Breakthrough That Will Change Your Life

Stepping Out

Taking the first step yanks my breath away. Be it fear or chest hurts. I get shaky and want to run right back to my comfort zone and hide. Remain quiet. Don't type another word.

As I am typing this I am scared of:

  • what others may think of me.

  • criticism.

  • no one being interested in what I have to share.

  • perfectionism kicking in.

  • wanting to make sure every word is typed correctly.

  • if my grammar and such are properly placed.

  • that I have no worth.

  • having no value.

I have much to learn and improve on.

“Our self-esteem – be it low or high – has its influence on our thoughts, relationships, profession, and social life. When it is channeled in the right direction, you will find enough confidence to move out of your comfort zone and explore new possibilities.” ― Dr Prem Jagyasi

I have to push aside those feelings, brush them off so they do not have a hold on me, and paralyze my efforts to move forward. I am tired of being held a prisoner to my fears, my own thoughts. I want to step out into freedom, but it will cost me. Everything comes with a cost, a consequence. I am now ready to face whatever those may be.

I try hard to look at the positives that this blog will bring to help counter those negative feelings listed above, and to curb my wandering mind to stay on track.

My intentions of starting this blog are to share:

(which I've felt I needed to do so long ago but fear held me back)

  • my experiences.

  • my testimonies.

  • what I have learned along my journey in this life with all its seasons.

  • inspiration.

  • with others on their journey in this crazy life.

  • and let others know they are not alone.

  • and find joy in the journey.

I am not looking for fame or recognition by doing any of this. I just am looking for an outlet to help me process the experiences in my life and hopefully connect with others who have experienced similar things. A tribe of like-minded people.

I am taking the first step in courage and stepping out of my comfort zone.

I hope you will join me.

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